Fondness for Fridays.

Posted in Uncategorized by Tinay on September 21, 2012


Ask a few people on how they feel about Fridays and you will probably arrive at more-or-less similar set of responses—excitement in all its imaginable forms. There is indeed that collective feeling of euphoria shared by everyone around the globe when the fifth day of the week comes sashaying down our way. And if ever it really did walk down some kind of street or runway, it will be wildly greeted with thunderous applause, standing ovation, and non-stop flicker of lights and cameras. It is undisputably everyone’s favorite darling.

Friday. It is the day when you simply cannot wait for the clock to strike 4 (or 5 or whenever your time-out is). It’s like a gray area between work and play, but admittingly, all you ever consider doing is play anyway. It’s when you find yourself seated at the edge of your chair in total giddiness and in hurry for things to be over and done. It is when despite all the tormenting things you’ve been eye-rolling about throughout the week, you feel thrilled by something again.

However, I’d like to think that if Friday were in human form, it’ll have to be a criminal – highly wanted and being chased, while slyly robbing you of your senses, or more specifically, you presence of mind. It will put you in trance of more-play-and-less-work; and will cripple the quality of effort you put into what you toil at because, admit it, it’s a Friday already!! And when darkness befalls, as much as it is guised as a you-still-have-to-work-your-ass-off day, in essence, it is officially the start of a mighty hell of a weekend, so you probably think it’s a good excuse to drop everything and just chill.

Conversely, although it may give you a jolt of anticipation for that “mighty hell of a weekend”, it may not really guarantee that at all times. The feeling it sets in is so addicting that it may mislead you into experiencing a life-changing weekend; and so you start basking on the possibility every passing Friday despite how lackluster and frustrating your past weekends might have been. Still, even with that kind of deception, nothing can give you the kind of momentary high than what a Friday does; and that’s what you worship about it anyway. So at some point, it becomes everyone’s favorite drug.

But to those whose lifestyle knows no Fridays (read: unemployed / self-employed, or in the medical field), it may be no different than any other day of the week. To them, rejoicing at its arrival may be something they can relish at only on a case-to-case basis. More so, anticipating at being able to put a momentary stop at what they do for the sole reason that it’s Friday-o’-clock is not even in their book.  It’s either because they have their own “Friday” pegged somewhere within the week, or that their career’s work calendar might not simply float on the same boat as with the roaring majority.

Nonetheless, they don’t create a lot of clamor for Fridays because they see a Friday-potential in some other random day of the week.  They do not need to abide by any social norm as to when to hang loose. They simply look forward to something else with no regards to the day, or even something that’s better than having a case of a good Friday night.

Perhaps we should learn a thing or two from these people – to embrace the potential good out of everyday, to not limit thankfulness to a single day, or to know when and when not to drop responsibilities. For in reality, when life-changing, heart-stopping moments do arrive, they do not accept any excuses. They will drug you in their bewildering magic, and you’re bound to get a good taste of it–Friday, or no Friday. 🙂

Laughs. Loves. And TGIF.

* tinay * 


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