An Open Letter to the Three Old Men Sitting Across Me at the Gym Lounging Area.

Posted in Uncategorized by Tinay on August 12, 2012

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Dear gentlemen,

      First of all, allow me to extend my apologies if ever I hit a chord at the thought of dubbing you old. I don’t mean to be insensitive about it, but for the lack of a more accurate judgment, you guys are, in fact, about twenty-five years my senior.

      Anyway, from the way I see it, you happen to bump into each other because of a common goal—to stay fit and active, or plainly to age healthily and beautifully. And deducing from my belief on human social behavior, your first few encounters may have been filled with man-nods, skimpy hi’s and hello’s, and default conversation starters such as “What do you do?” and “How many kids you got?”.

      But as you comfortably recline your backs on those cushioned seats while delighting on your complimentary beverage, I see that you might’ve come a long way from back then. The chatty exchange of smiles and the sudden outburst of chuckles and one-liners are all but clear-cut testimonies that there isn’t a shred of stranger anxiety hounding over your own little huddle.

      And then, either by virtue of damned proximity or by my sublime giftedness in hearing (haha), I got to snag a bit of your conversation.

      You initially talked about how traffic has gotten awfully worse at a certain area. Of course, that wasn’t really the highlight of the conversation, but that was the point when my attention shifted from my grilled chicken wrap towards your casual discussion. And along the course of my meal, you swung from one topic to the other; you talked about how technology has dominated the youth of today, which caused you to spiral down into memory lane. Few statements later, you delved on to real estate.

      I didn’t mean to eavesdrop, dear gentlemen, but some certain spell just made you appear and sound conveniently interesting to me that very second. Sure, I didn’t feel the urge to butt in, but watching and listening to how people your age chat about what-not’s got me thinking. It got me to mentally rehash how my friends and I get our conversations loaded up – we start from the usual personal updates, share unforgettable encounters, talk about whoever, talk about events, compare personal habits and preferences. However, we also find ourselves talking about traffic, about today’s youth, and about life goals. Needless to say, it’s not a pattern new to anyone or any social circle for that matter.

      So on a larger note, aside from the shared secrets and memories you were all a part of, how are conversations any different between long-time friends and between seemingly-likened strangers who have similar life experiences?

     I say they don’t. Maybe not that much. I think people are more similar than they think they are. However, they wouldn’t know that unless they strike up a conversation with the other. They wouldn’t know that if they don’t return the smile a passerby gave them. They wouldn’t know that if they skimp on their hi’s and hello’s. The fact that you three gentlemen have all came down to the same gym means there has to be a common denominator amongst you. So it shouldn’t come too hard to use that glaring similarity for an opportunity of a quick chat. Awkwardness aside, I guess it’s all a matter of getting used to anyway. And it’s all a matter of finding the potential good out of people and discarding society-asserted stereotypes. Besides, your trio is living proof that it’s possible to throw in politeness to someone, and being treated politely in return. I bet you three make gym sessions an interesting routine to look forward to. You don’t just come down there to get some bodily workout, but end up stretching out your minds as well. Mind if I join you on your coffee breaks one of these days? Just kidding. 🙂

Laughs. Loves. And an eavesdropping session. 

* tinay *


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