Mix ad gone mad.

Posted in Uncategorized by Tinay on June 7, 2012

Credits: Yahoo PH

I do agree with them that mestizas hold a unique charm. Most of the pretty faces I personally ogle at are, in fact, mestizas. However, that certain line containing the “sure formula” thing is somewhat degrading to full-blooded Pinoys. It’s playing within the boundaries of racism. However true, proven or observable it may be, using such a concept at the forefront of a campaign for a homegrown FILIPINO company is not only insensitive –it’s irresponsible. Don’t get me wrong, but I do understand the point behind their ad. I personally agree with the thought of mixing and matching, most specifically on clothes. But they could have really delivered that in a better, less-provocative way. Or better yet, they could have kept it to themselves (and not on their campaign banners), that line most especially. Because last time I checked, wherever you are in the world, race is still a very sensitive issue.

Oh well. Just my two cents. And like they say, bad publicity is still publicity. 🙂

Laughs. Loves. And What’s Your Mix?

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