Camera Tricks.

Posted in Uncategorized by Tinay on May 10, 2012

I was sifting through old photos from my hard drive this afternoon and certain thoughts came blazing through my head. One of which and perhaps the most notorious of them all, is that I have a huge baggage of un-uploaded photos. Given that in this era where “no photos meant it didn’t happen”, people tend to weave differently-set photographs together to come up with an idea on what you’re eating, where you’ve been setting your foot into, who you’ve mingled with and all that. Suffice to say that they presume to know your endeavors, sometimes even presume to know who you really are based on the photographs you’ve tirelessly prettified and posted.  But allow me to explain. I take photos, yes. I take NON-SENSE photos, indeed yes! I take vain photographs, well who doesn’t? In fact, I  also have that natural tendency to take food shots – lots of them! 🙂

However, I’m not really the type to broadcast them all at once  for public consumption. I’m more reserved when it comes to these things because I feel that novelty is always good. I seem to find excitement in what I don’t know. Leaving a little something behind, leaving something unknown, and locking them all up in room chock-full of mystery is what I believe in. I’d save them for those instances when I feel like waxing poetic and reminiscing about all those, because I feel that it’s where I can get the most sense (and thought) out from them.

I mean, you can tell a lot about people based on what may fill their albums, but you can never be always right. You get to share their happiness somewhere through their daily grind, feel inspired by their picture-perfect moments, yet sometimes, it may not be all there is. I do agree that photographs capture moments and the stories that come with it – no matter how big or small, because that’s what they’re made for. And I also agree that some are just especially worth sharing and worth reliving. But I do agree that our eyes can only tell us so much. Why? Because what we see isn’t always what it seems to be.

Laughs. Loves. And Behind the Lens.

* tinay * 


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