Truth Be Told.

Posted in Uncategorized by Tinay on February 25, 2012


Two rounds of hospital admissions for the past 3 months.

Missed a crazy amount of exams, SGD’s, duty days, school events and all the hoopla in between.

Most probably have the winning streak of the number of days for duty replacements.

Studied for multiple exams while the rest of the world had that same amount of time to worry about one.

Inserted a quick (quickly drafted, to be more accurate) writing gig for the Association of Philippine Medical Colleges- Student Network (APMC-SN) book launch.

Went through unforgettable misadventures before kicking off the finals season.

What a seemingly odd rollercoaster it has been for the past three months. I can’t really categorize them as ‘extraordinary’, but they sure change the game from this day forward. It’s an uncanny mixture of having to break your back to reach your goal without losing grip on the tiny things that shimmer your personality. At the same time, you have step up your game and just wing it.

So here’s to the three remaining final exams waiting to be conquered. Here’s to the last stretch (or week) of academic life. Here’s to batch Syncytia who will continue beating as one. Here’s to the extracurricular, personal, womanly, spontaneous, alcohol-induced, time-killing, whatsoever compulsions you had to do for yourself. And here’s to keeping your sanity intact through all that.

Nothing worthwhile ever comes easy, they say. And I agree to that hands down. But they didn’t say it should always be that difficult, did they?


Laughs. Loves. And Before I Resume.

* tinay *


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