First Stop: Vietnam!

Posted in Uncategorized by Tinay on September 22, 2011


Modern day Vietnam has shown promising strides from being a favorite colony amongst stronger nations, to offering a travel experience that boasts more than just a taste of their painful history.  Built by an interlace of both eastern and western influences, Vietnam prides itself with a vibrant culture and a thriving civilization.


Speeding motorcycle drivers abound the crazy lanes of Ho Chi Minh city, the nation’s capital. So given my very amateur skill at street crossing, I had no choice but to brave through their wild roads just to get some breakfast! 😀

 After that, we had to hustle to make it to our bus ride to Mui Ne. This town is actually their world-renowned resort destination, with accommodations ranging from cheap to chic. In fact, about 70% of Vietnam’s resorts are situated in this humble town.

And never mind that we had to endure a 6-hour (or so) bus ride from the city. This was what was in store for us, and it was well worth it!!! 😀

Surprisingly, the sand wasn’t really as hot as I thought it would be. In fact, it wasn’t hot at all!

And wouldn’t it be heaps awesome if we rode on camels instead of the ATV’s? Haha 😉

Night life is unexpectedly calm in Mui Ne. No blaring sounds, no intoxicated crowds, no rowdy bystanders.

And what better way to end the night than to take that snooze on a sleeping bus! Yes, bunk beds on a bus on our way back to the city! Can you say coooool??? 😎

Laughs. Loves. And Vietnam on the Rise!

* tinay * 


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