I Wish my Luggage Would Fill Itself.

Posted in Uncategorized by Tinay on September 13, 2011

The photos above are just a few of the shots I’ve taken during my recent trip to Thailand last April. Who would’ve thought I’d be heading back there again too soon? 🙂

I will be leaving for a week’s worth of “cultural enrichment” by tomorrow and I’m not even halfway done through my packing. I guess it’s either I’m way too excited that I’m getting fidgety and unable to stay put and function, or I’m remorsing over the instant change of my hairstyle. If I reach my threshold then I’d probably end up packing more than what I’d need. Either way, it leaves me with two realizations:

One, my emotions are getting topsy-turvy given the opposing reasons to feel the extremes.


Two, I am hormonal. Period.

 And because of the latter, I’ve been getting unusual pangs of hunger every so often. And when I do start eating, I feel like I’m devouring for two.  Or sometimes, even three. Perhaps my constant online food-spotting at our planned destinations for the couple of days aggravated my ordeal. I cannot help the excitement and I cannot wait to gobble down on their cuisine! If my appetite remains like this until we get back next week, then food budget begone! 🙂

So much for the food talk, anybody has an idea on how you’re to spend 5-6 (or more) hours on a bus ride?

Have a smashing semestral break Syncytia!! We all deserve it! 😀

Laughs. Loves. And Suitcase Stories

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