Posted in Uncategorized by Tinay on August 26, 2011

Guess who graced our Intramurals? All the way from Down Under! =)

Can you smell that?


Well maybe not ENTIRELY free for me, but given the kind of circus I encounter everyday, I’d kill for some downtime!

The past weeks offered a seemingly different adaptation of my so-called campus life. Surgery exams were way past crazy, and our scores couldn’t even legalize us to drink! HAHA. I’d have to say that results such as those were the FIRST that I’ve ever encountered in my whole 19 years as a student. Also, most free hours were spent on practices for the most epic “cheerdance” in all of CIM history!! 😉  Speaking of which, I have a sort-of clearer video copy of the dance, but I have no idea on how to post it up. It’s 1.3 gigabytes big, it’s in MOV format, and I happen to amass zero technical skills for that. So, uh…HELP, anyone? And again, forgive me for my notoriously late upload. 😐

I’ve also managed to take some time off to entertain the SEALNet volunteers. They’re a bunch of foreign students who took the liberty of coming over to the Philippine shores (whilst on their summer break, I guess?) for some medically-related immersion. We’ve had a few encounters with them such as..

               the tutorials for blood pressure taking, 

A mini “tour” around our mini school

And conducted a short lecture on Hypertension to selected high school students from Cebu City National Science High School.

Plus, two more activities to come, if I’m not mistaken. 🙂

And just this morning, we were told that the exam for Legal Medicine which was originally set tomorrow is POSTPONED! SURPRISE, SURPRISE! CAN YOU BELIEVE IT???

Perfect timing! I can have a healthy balance of fun and work, and I believe the extended days of sweet repose can bring me just that!


Laughs. Loves. And See you Wednesday.

* tinay *


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