Lunch after Twenty-five Years.

Posted in Uncategorized by Tinay on July 25, 2011

 What do you get when a bunch of doctors who’ve been practicing for over 20 years convene/ reunite and get acquainted with the future movers and shakers of the medical world?



And all it took was two hours of listening to their tales of carving a niche and making it big in the demanding profession. After all, these amusing people have the credible experience and wisdom that we, soon-to-be-doctors will find valuable.

We call them the “jubilarians”, obviously taken from the idea that it has been 25 years since they graduated from the institute. Their witty exchange of anecdotes that morning cracked us up, left us nodding, and even inspired us in various ways.

  Among the speakers were the downright successful practitioners working abroad, a big time medical researcher, doctors in government services, doctors in the academe, a doctor who had to move mountains to prove his worth, and even a doctor who changed gears and became a missionary! It was quite a handful of refreshing stories told in the most spontaneous way straight from the physicians themselves.

 Makes me wonder who’ll turn out to be the who’s who of my own batch in twenty-five years. 😉  And more personally, it makes me wonder who I’d become and where my decisions would bring me in the next quarter of a century.

 To conclude, I’d like to leave a quote from one of the speakers that morning—“It takes four years to become a doctor, but a lifetime to become a physician.”

So, how many human lives do you wish to save in the next twenty-five years? 🙂

Laughs. Loves. And Come Whatever.

* tinay *


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