I’ll Order a Happy Meal stat!

Posted in Uncategorized by Tinay on July 10, 2011

Perhaps it was due to the 7 (or more) consecutive days of less sleep plus the constant rushing, plus the exam jitters plus my whacked neurons, that my sense of attention finally caved in.

After that string of examinations since Monday, my weekend was booked with non-medically inclined compulsions, and other personal things I had to do. For that Friday night alone, I had to grab some private dinner, drop by the termination party for the IM Department (sorry I didn’t get to stay long guys!), then head on to a birthday celebration. And I had to admit, I was mentally and physically drained after all that. So by 3am, my friends and I dropped by Mcdonald’s for some glucose-loading before calling it a night.

The morning after, I realized that my trusty iTouch wasn’t in my handbag anymore. Anxious, I made a few calls to my friends to verify, kept searching everywhere but to no avail. It was time to panic.  See, even though the gadget IS replaceable, MY FILES WEREN’T!! They were like med school saviours to me! Organizing those documents meant time and hard work and there’s no way I’m ever going to finish that in the same way as before.

I had the biggest inkling that I left it at McDonald’s, but figured that some sneaky stranger could’ve gotten it by then. I mean I wasn’t a regular at that branch, my face was practically unfamiliar to the employees, and the fast-food place was a go-to by virtually ANYONE, so there was a slim chance that I’d get to retrieve it.  At some point, it was rational enough to consider that I wouldn’t able to get it anymore.

But even then, I still tried my luck. I dropped by the branch Saturday afternoon and reported my case. They said that nothing was found nor endorsed, and they might still have to further ask their colleagues. So I left my contact number just in case something comes up.  Few hours after, I received an anonymous call. It was from the McDonald’s branch! They asked few questions regarding the gadget, perhaps to verify my authenticity as its legal owner. HAHA. So it was there all along!!! 😀

To the team behind McDonald’s Escario branch, THANK YOU!!! Your honesty and professionalism is commendable! Also, to your supervisor, Mr. Marvin Person Sir for attending to my concern and for personally handing back to me my gadget. (Forgive me for not being able to get your last name for I was in a rush.) More power to your people and to your branch! 🙂

As a customer of various chain outlets (be it fast-food, coffee or others), I understand that our valuables are our responsibility, but sometimes, we get overwhelmed with other important things that it could compromise our sense of attention. And given those times, it would be immensely helpful if people around us would be more accommodating, HONEST and more customer-friendly. Indeed, it’s the pleasant demeanor and SERVICE of the employees, and not just the good product that satisfies even the most discerning customer. 🙂

KNOCK KNOCK to all other chain outlets out there! 😉

Laughs. Loves. And More Shake Shake fries please!

* tinay* 


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