Full Throttle.

Posted in Uncategorized by Tinay on May 4, 2011

Mister sunshine was shimmering high that Friday morning as I hurriedly tossed my things into my trusty hobo. I didn’t exactly know where we’d be heading but I trusted spontaneity to work its fleeting magic unto us anyway.

I sound so melodramatic and it must be the hormones. HAHA.

What I actually meant was a roadtrip bound somewhere I wasn’t quite sure of yet. It was until one good guy by the name of Luis Tiongko did the honors of announcing to us where his gears would fly us to just that instant– south bound! 🙂

So with a map in hand, a travel book tabbed with noted post-its, researched details on the “hotspots”, a cooler, some laid back tunes and lots of things to catch up with, four friends were set  full throttle.

We kept swerving (LITERALLY) left and right up the hills towards our first stop for a quick munch.

Continued to drive our way until we spot scenic views of the waters.

Had some quick stop overs at a few towns to bask in some local culture and flavor. 

Melted under the blue skies of Moalboal where we enjoyed some hearty lunch and a relaxing swim.

Traveled through SKINNY and DANGEROUS roads which we vowed NEVER to drive into again!

Securely got back down hill after that one nerve-wracking “short cut”.

And back into the big city!

Til the next road trip!! 🙂


I realize we didn’t really have any picture of the four of us together that day. Sayaaang. 😐

Laughs. Loves. And Roads to Kill.

* tinay * 


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