Thoughtless for Summer.

Posted in Uncategorized by Tinay on April 27, 2011

For this summer, my brain cells are apparently on a highly stringent summer mode and I think I’m partly loving it! I have not even had the mojo to sit down and summon some thoughts, like I usually find myself doing when my beaten books can finally be nested on the shelves for good.

Anyway, I’ve been up and about the past few weeks, relative to the summer days of last year. Will save that story for another day. The sweltering heat makes it absurd to stay put for hours. That means lesser movie/ TV show streaming and lesser site ogling, which actually does me more good than bad.  Did I mention that staring at my laptop now gives me bouts of migraine way too sooner than before? I cannot also manage to stay put while waiting for my pictures to be exported. So I apologize for the extremely overdue photo uploads. To add to that, I get annoyingly sleepy even as early as 9 pm. Annoying because there are still a lot of things I want/need to accomplish before I can call it a day.

I don’t know if anybody feels the same way.

Aaaand, a DECENT post follows this one soon. This is weird.


Spontaneous dinner tonight!! Lalalala.


Laughs. Loves and Robbed of my Thoughts.

* tinay *

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