First Blood and a Birthday Night.

Posted in Uncategorized by Tinay on March 25, 2011

I think I have the winning streak of bad luck for the last bimonthy of this academic year. FIRST BLOOD. I’M ALWAYS THE FIRST BLOOD. To keep things straight and spare you from the confusing details, I never really liked being among the first few people in line for OSCE, practical examinations and ORAL EXAMS. The whole batch, or perhaps every medical student would understand why. And after today’s exam, I was too frustrated and at the same time hungry that I could eat one whole sacrificial lamb!!!

For some reason, it’s really not helping. I have other things to deal with (like my emotionally drab self maybe?) and that whole string of unfortunate events crushes my soul even harder. Maybe if I were the first of something else I’d REALLY love, I’d be totally blown away.

Or, I’d like to think it was just LUCK drawn to the wrong circumstances.

Or really, I should stop making some good sense out of it. 😐

On the happier side of life, I had this sort of little dinner gathering for my birthday last week. Over pizza, pasta and some few drinks afterwards, I was really thankful to have some very good friends around that night given the very rare chance we get to do so.  Sooo..

To Eden, Eleni, Toni, Jazzy and Justin – we never really get to meet that constantly anymore given our different paths. So I appreciate that you guys made time to celebrate with me on my special day. You guys will never be forgotten. Thank you, thank you lots! 🙂

To Chriscile, Sherwin, Paolo, Luis, Ate Karen, Aika, Sylver, Pofer and Nipnip – because we basically conquer relatively similar battles to reach similar goals, you guys are the very people who understand me best when it comes to playing within the boundaries of failure. Thank you for putting up with all of what my bipolar self has to offer. We will survive Medicine together! Hugs to all! 🙂

Indeed,  there are really people you’d gladly want to stay with you no matter what the odds. So for that, THANK YOU KIDSS!!! 😀


Laughs. Loves. and Two Sides of a Coin.

* tinay *


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