Death March.

Posted in Uncategorized by Tinay on March 8, 2011

This afternoon, my friends and I had a quick chat on how fast the previous month came by. We barely even noticed it until one of us complained of his expired cellular phone load! Hehe. Perhaps it was due to the fact that February gave us relatively ample time to guiltlessly skip the readings. There wasn’t just one but TWO non-consecutive weeks of no exams! 🙂 The causes for jubilation of a medical student can be very shallow, I know.

This, however has to be cut short to give way for the greatest burden we’d ever get – BIMONTHLY EXAMS, OSCE, and FINALS. All happening in just less than a month! I swear that by then, the heavens will be greatly ambushed with prayers. Either that, or we’ll fall into the trap of the glorious summer calling out to us. Hehe. 😉

Also, I went to see an in-house optometrist this afternoon. My far vision has become neurotic and I’d often find myself squinting just to see the words and figures right. In fact  during today’s lecture, it gave me a headache. 😦 And so they diagnosed me with astigmatism on both eyes. Way to go.  Therefore, my first pair of eyeglasses debuts very soon!

That just adds up to my current morbidity count. Back ache secondary to scoliosis to remind me of my posture, weight loss which I would kill to regain, anticipated gastric attacks starting next week, and a very funny big patch of bruise nesting over my right knee.


The world can be so morbid.


Laughs. Loves. And No Second Opinions.

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