Because we’re all Two-faced.

Posted in Uncategorized by Tinay on December 8, 2010

As much as I try to recall what I did at this time of the year last year, my memory simply fails! If it weren’t for the recently concluded Student’s Night (which, by the way happens to be the only event I attended so actively among the whole string of events set for Founder’s Week), I wouldn’t have any clue as to the celebrations I’ve attended then.

Anyway, this year’s edition was dubbed Heroes and Villains. I found it so fitting because for the whole of this year, I have learned to embrace my inner rebel. Haha. Let me explain! 🙂

As far as I could remember, I had this goody-goody nature—someone who, as much as possible should stick to rules of sorts and spare myself from trouble. Later on, I became a huge fan of twisting them to fit my needs. Eventually, I’ve broken them. Believe me, it felt aweful at first. But then you realize you had your reasons for which others could not fully understand. So I just saved myself the worry of having to explain my choices.

I guess it also comes with coping up to change. And to keep things short, I think I’d like to charge it all to GROWTH. Seriously, you don’t consider yourself a walking saint, do you? 😉

Robin Hood meets Peter Pan! =)

And don’t you find it too uncanny the way people’s costume choices somehow reflect a certain side of their personality? I do. And they say it does. So while everybody came in their alter egos that night, they shed some light to the hideous creep that silently tiptoes out of their system. At the same time, they also mindlessly unleashed their mighty swords of goodness as well as their own versions on how they could save the world.

Either way, I prefer to call it human nature. 🙂

Congratulations to Batch Connexon for a job well done!

Laughs. Loves. And Heroic Evils.

* tinay *


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