It Could Be Anybody’s Spiel.

Posted in the midst of Unraveled Thoughts by Tinay on October 23, 2010

There’s something about nothingness that perplexes me. Its inherently mystifying nature overwhelms that OC-and-carefully-planned-out ego in me. Oddly, I intend to spend this semestral break with no stiff plans to follow, no schedules, no lists whatsoever.  For one, it could be total suicide for someone who, for the past year has been living through hourly schedules just to get by all the necessary readings for med school. And mind you, for approximately 90% of them, I had to extend my cram time a little bit more.  So to compensate, I had to sleep less, eat faster, move quicker and shove possible nuances out of the way. Oh yeah, and I had to ditch the celebrations, skip masses and shunned from retail temptations to boot! Every minute was THAT precious. Perhaps you could say that all in all, I became an anti-social-turned-ignoramus, a heretic, and a physician-wannabe all aesthetically rolled in one. Haha. 🙂

So I tried reversing my daily routine for the break.

For yesterday, I was glued to the tube the whole day. I figured I haven’t actually seen one full TV show since June. I know, crazy right? I haven’t actually been such a TV-addict anymore ever since my own television set died out since years forgotten. And for some reason, I intentionally didn’t want to have it replaced.

I’ve also allowed my inner retail freak to come into awfully bright light for the past days. I got my hands busy again with online shopping in search for wearable and decent finds, and last Thursday’s bonding with mom also meant some little clothing transactions. I found more eye candy pieces worth purchasing, but it’s a toss up between THOSE and my dwindling finances! HAHA.

So you might ask, if I didn’t get to do these things for so long, how did I unwind during those grueling months of school?



GOOD PEOPLE. It’s the good people I’m constantly with in school, plus all the shenanigans we do in between that help me loosen up my wretched self. It’s the fine attitude, not necessarily the grades, nor the talent that makes up good companionship. It’s the character, that despite hearsays and twisted rumors, fails to dampen the spirit but instead builds camaraderie.

So maybe those cramped up months of school peppered with all sorts of drama did make some sense. Maybe those ridiculously busy days toned down one’s materialistic being and made simple things more appreciable. And maybe not being able do nothing for a certain amount of time isn’t really as bad as I thought.

I find this picture so cute! Check out Sherwin and Pao from the sidelines! =)

Okay I take that back. So maybe a little shopping doesn’t hurt that bad! HAHA.


Laughs. Loves. And Never Regret.

* tinay *

P.S. Where are you people? Let’s do something soon!!! 😎



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