Midweek Milestones.

Posted in Uncategorized by Tinay on October 5, 2010

Here I am again trying to squeeze in some time to take a breather from all the hustles and bustles of my medically-engrossed life.  And because I am still in daze due to disbelief of having some ample time to kill, this whole entry might not be as prudent as it should be.

Point being, if it weren’t for this so-called leeway from the upcoming major MAJOR exams, I would have seriously considered changing careers.

Ok, I kid.

I realize that for me to SOMEHOW get by was to swallow my pride and face all my weaknesses (i.e. DYING GRADES!) because in the end, it’s all gonna be up to me. For one, my concentration now sucks big time and my subconscious is trying to eat me up. For whatever reason that is, I’d rather keep it to myself. But honestly, it’s not doing me any good so I might as well use whatever I have in my powers to distract myself.

And distraction I did. 🙂

On another not-so-random note, I have become considerably envious of my sister’s daily routine now. I thought internship was a living HELL, so why does she make it seem so manageable? Right now, she has all time to download and watch all the latest movies and up-to-date songs; and fuss over the latest episodes of whichever TV show.  And just last Sunday, she tried soliciting some ideas on how she could kill her whole free afternoon while I aimlessly grouched on the sidelines with my Internal Medicine book.

INTERNSHIP, is that really you???  Did people just overreact at the thought of lurking within hospital walls and trying to come out alive? Haha. 🙂

I seriously cannot tell. I do admit that I could hear her complain and all, and I do find her extending some hours to finish some paper works. But come on, at least she still has loads of time to laze around. I can totally attest to that! And surprisingly, she did use that Sunday afternoon to buy me a personalized trinket of some sort for my spanking new sphygmo! Sweet!

So now before I sleep, I am hogging her laptop so I could finally watch the movies I’ve missed! Because as soon as the night ends, tomorrow’s gonna be another day. ♥

Laughs. Loves. And Tales of Tuesday.

* tinay *


I realize I had a shameful amount of typos from my previous post. So pardon that. The price of not proof-reading! My brain sure is in a wreck! 😛


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