Posted in Uncategorized by Tinay on September 11, 2010

This certainly not a very good time to blog because in less an hour, I have to take my lazy behind to school for my some final preparations for my org.  I’m not too sure if call time was indeed THE call time so I bet a whole mob of people are gonna stab me for dilly-dallying this morning and at a time like this.

Sorry girls, but I just feel the need to so this. I find ranting or whatever this is I’m doing very “therapeutic” of some sort, that it actually takes away some of those mixed up emotions. Or whatever.

For some bit of info, today marks the most highlighted event in every TORCH members’ history and everybody’s all psyched about it!  We were all made to meet at around 9.30-ish and I haven’t even finished packing yet. In about 12 noon, we begin the applicants’ FINAL RITES, which is a sure way to shake everybody’s insides, but I swear it’s going to be one night one will never forget! =) Anyway, that’s not the point.

See, for the past week, I entered myself into an emotional circus that I swear wasn’t really something I would want to keep going back to. I get so irritable, impatient and paranoid that the only rational action that I could probably think of is to go for it. Like I GO for what I feel like doing without weighing the pros and cons. I don’t think that’s even rational though.

The monotonous daily routine, the struggle to stay within the cluster, the furious attempts to pass crazy exams, the absence of true weekends, the LACK OF ME TIME, or the lack of QUALITY TIME per se—I bet these all precipitated my distressing ordeal. Holidays don’t even seem good enough because it’ll only be spent reading and reading and reading. It’s never enough! Focus level has reached below zero, so I somehow have to start concentrating again. My grades keep fluctuating like mad, and perhaps it reflects my tendencies to slack off too much—and for some good reason!

This is really too unhealthy! As much as I want to drop everything at this minute and head on for some quality time, I don’t have the stomach to do it because I cannot afford any more decline in my grades! I feel like I don’t deserve to enjoy some break because my grades have never been this worse! Grrrr. Oh yeah, and if that’s not enough, I feel that I’ll soon be getting some glasses soon because oddly, MY FAR VISION IS STARTING TO FAIL!  (Thank you Harrisons for your very tiny fonts!)

If it weren’t for ambition, I swear I’m gonna switch careers soon.

Hmph. Should start moving now. I am running very late and I haven’t finished packing. Sheesh.

Laughs. Loves. And Insanely Unstable.

* tinay *

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