Pause for a Cause.

Posted in Uncategorized by Tinay on August 2, 2010

Happy times such as this make study breaks more worth it! =)

We’re nearing the tail end of the first bimonthly and so far, things aren’t really as rad as I hoped for them to be. Failure oh failure, why are you such a stalker?!

As usual, school has raped our minds, made our hearts palpitate and zonked out our poor bodies.  One exam after the other, one round of anxiety after the next. There is certainly no stopping here. Well not until TODAY!! HAHA. I know it’s a tad early to declare my schedule study-free, but I’d like to think I’m better off with some temporary state of study-hiatus compared to none! It’s really funny how we now molest every minute possible to just go out and celebrate for whatever reason. And what’s even funnier is that despite the litany of school-related complaints we make EVERY SINGLE DAY, the ramblings, and the attempts to surrender, we still choose to sacrifice our personal whims so we could live, breathe and eat Medicine.  And that, my friend is what you call the plight of tomorrow’s doctors. 🙂

Anywaaayyy, party begins tonight for my friend Paolo’s post birthday celebration. I know the bimonthlies is something that requires HUGE preparations, but I guess it wouldn’t hurt to enjoy just for one night. And come on, we’ve been turning down invitations, events and what-have-you’s since forever! Apart from tonight’s forecast of liver enzymes shooting up and higher incidences for reverse peristalsis, I’m pretty much sure nothing extremely significant will change after the party. I guarantee that even after tonight, there’ll still be reasons to complain, to ramble and to attempt surrender. But even then, social life minus the alcohol (at least for me) turns on for tonight.

Oh, and can I just add?? I MISSED THE INTERNET and I MISSED BLOGGING!!!! I totally don’t mind doing this everyday instead!  The pains of ambition. 😦

Laughs. Loves. And Gone in a Heartbeat. ♥

* tinay *


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