Where No Vampires have Gone.

Posted in Uncategorized by Tinay on July 4, 2010

Best family portrait ever!! Haha. Not mine of course.

Can I just share?

This week probably made it to one of my most-loved school week ever!!! I’ve had about two days off—the first one during the mid-week holiday, and the second one was yesterday.

Ironically, that Wednesday holiday felt like the old Sundays of yesteryears to me. Back when I was younger, Sundays meant family day. It was when all four of us ate meals together, traipsed at shops all around the mall, the usual things normal families would do. It was the most relaxing feeling in the world. But when things started to change and when jobs and priorities required more of our personal time, Saturday became the new Sunday. Thus, we attended anticipated masses well throughout the year.  And Saturday dinners were to be highly attended.  I mean, there was never any verbal nor written law about it, but it was just…understood.

So as the whole country witnessed the inauguration of the nation’s newest head honcho that Wednesday, or even as a large throng of vampire die-hards braved through the long lines in movie houses, the family and I had our own version of the old Sundays. Mom and Dad stayed in a coffee shop, sister did a little bit of window-browsing (I think), while I did some… HAHA. Fine. If you think I took all the advantage, I really didn’t. My mom took the liberty of purchasing an oversized handbag for my sister while I went on some serious shoe-hunting. Afterwards, we all had a post-wedding anniversary dinner at our favorite fail-safe Thai restaurant. It was my parent’s second celebration since my sister and I didn’t get to join them for the Marco Polo buffet on their anniversary date the day before.  (Yes, even a Marco Polo dinner didn’t make us bail out on our personal priorities.)

Apparently, I didn’t get to do any reading that day. But it was well worth the compromise! I did get to sneak on some of the inaugural happenings, and I eventually got to watch that frenzied movie just last night. But no matter how historic or record-breaking these two may prove to be, I can say that I had a better history drawn and better record broken on that same day too. 🙂

On the side note,  HAPPY FOURTH OF JULY everyone! 🙂

Laughs. Loves. And Was Never A Yellow Nor Vampire Fan Anyway.

* tinay *


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