Here It Goes.

Posted in Uncategorized by Tinay on June 7, 2010

Credts: Glasbergen

The sooner I finish this entry the better. Why? Because I’m counting the remaining hours, or maybe minutes before my summer will be officially  signing off.

Tomorrow, when I wake up, it’ll the beginning of a new series of…

Groggy mornings and eternal snoozes.

Early bath times and hurried preparations.

Mindless routine dressing up’s in an immaculate white dress(read: school uniform!!)

Paranoia over missing nameplates

Dashing over breakfast that shouldn’t be missed AT ALL COSTS.

Cranky morning drivers honking and swerving here and there

Early morning traffic jam and useless traffic lights

Staying under the heat outdoors especially on mid-noon!

Contemplating on what and where to eat


Wondering if you are seriously on the right path of your calling. Hehe 😀

But then again, it’ll also be the brand new chance to…

Await for the day’s surprises

Rejoice at the comeback of your allowance!

Finally meet your friends and more!

Greet new buddies and groupies.

Upgrade your understanding on the damned human body

Wish that your new understandings squares with the old ones. Hee 🙂

Welcome some FRESH BLOOD!! Haha. =p

Be more active in your org.

Be more studious and not just study well, but to study SMART.

Budget time like the most endangered commodity.

Redeem yourself.

Set new goals and expectations.

Reach goals and expectations.

Learn from your mistakes

Take life one day at a time.♥

Laughs. Loves. And School Reborn

* tinay *


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