Of Coupons and Discount Cards.

Posted in Uncategorized by Tinay on May 20, 2010

I have one very uncanny realization.

Over the year, I have accumulated a lot of discount coupons, more than what I actually need and could avail to.  And currently, I am a holder of  various privilege cards which I haven’t even used to the fullest. And I admit. Having them did give me some sense of privilege.  But I am pretty weak in terms of maximizing its utility. 😐

My first love affair with these cut-back wonders was when I purchased my very first Belle De Jour Planner for 2009.  It contained 60 coupons from various lifestyle establishments and like any crazy bargain hunter, I knew it was a very good buy for about Php595.  While most of the shops wasn’t really installed in Cebu,  those that were carried pretty much decent items, or useful services that could somehow strike my fancy at one point or another.  But then now that I cannot use these coupons anymore, I’m left with 40 of them!  Totally UNUSED and totally adding up to my pile of garbage! What a waste!

Another is a set of monthly coupons from Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf’s journal. As avid regulars of this very student-friendly place (calling all mean and obnoxious non –CBTL coffee shop supervisors!!!), my friends and I have accumulated enough stamps to satisfy that freebie junkie in us.  They contain 12 coupons, one for each month,and sadly, I haven’t used my January to April coupons. I’ve missed out on the buy one take one ice blended drink, free upsize and that no-purchase-needed-you-got-your-free-tea-latte. Now, I have about 10 days left before I will waste another one. Also, they once gave us exclusive invites for their CBTL Fruit Tea free tasting for their summer drinks. GUESS WHO DIDN’T GO?  Aside from that, I’m also a holder of their Swirl Rewards Card, which allows me free food and drinks in exchange of accumulated points, and *drumrolls* unlimited internet connection!!=) Unfortunately, it hasn’t been with me for months now so I haven’t really used it. ;(

Starbucks coupons also had their fair share. Their 2010 Planner included 6 different offers for a specific month, and I’m left with four more since I failed to use the first two. Why did I never avail of the free shot when I most certainly needed that during those months?! Oh, and take this. I won a free drink, which I haven’t even claimed yet.  Anybody knows if these free drinks you get from lucky receipts have expiry dates? HAHA.

Next, the Ayala A-Card. Now this, is my mighty love!! 🙂 I enjoy generally 5-10% discounts on participating merchants, freebies from their multitude of partner dining establishments and a whole lot of perks.  I think THIS is the only card I’ve maximized! Together with the card, they gave out 6 free parking coupons. And because I keep forgetting it every time I hit the mall, I only got to use three of them. During my birth month, they gave me this Php300-worth of food and drinks from TGIF and since I claimed it too late, it reached its expiry even before I decided to use it! ASS!

Recently, I’ve dug up on my old belongings in search of my SHS-G Alumni card.  They’ve magically become discount cards too! Aside from that, I have iTwin from IT PARK, WAGW coupons, two free coupons for Diamond Peel at slashed off prices and God-knows –what else since I’ve practically lost track of them.

Maybe if these turned out to be electric bill, phone bill and tuition fee coupons, I wouldn’t even dare miss using any of it. Ha! 😀

What discounts, freebies and perks have you availed lately? ♥

Laughs. Loves. And a Marketing Scapegoat.

* tinay *


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