I Musn’t Play it Coy.

Posted in the midst of Unraveled Thoughts by Tinay on April 26, 2010

It’s been exactly 11 days since I publicly enlisted my very “promising” resolutions for the whole of my summer.  And shamefully, I don’t feel like I have done half of it yet. Yes, there may still be a little over a month more of school-free days to enjoy but my paranoia seems to strike inconveniently.  Soon, May will be gone in just a blink of an eye. It’s hilarious how the last leg of vacations tend to have the ingenious capacity to defeat the speed of sound. Okay, that was an exaggerated comparison. But still.

Soo, how did I spend by break for the past 11 days?

1. Internet. And it’s starting to bore me already. FB has lost its luster (I wasn’t really very hooked to it to begin with), and I wish people would all move to Twitter so we could all retweet like hell! Or create blogs. Or something.

2. Cooking! I haven’t been so consumed by cooking my entire life up until now. As of writing, I’ve cooked 1 type of dish twice over. Thanks to Aika for the basic know-how’s!

3. Attempted reading. It’s really funny because I’ve put down two unfinished novels already. It’s not that they don’t happen to be of my interest, but I’m thinking it’s cause my body has been strictly programmed to focus on reading only when I’m not at home. Blame it all to the incessant study-outs I’ve done for school.  In fact, the only material I’ve practically finished  reading from cover to cover was this month’s issue of Preview magazine. And how on earth have I forgotten how it use to keep me giddy whenever I grab my latest copy years before?  Oh well, priorities, priorities.

4. I’ve already spent some time with my good old friends from college. To the GIRLS, before two of them had to leave for the US, and to Jaz and Shy, just to keep ourselves updated. But keep the plans coming girls! Aaand MOVIE this Friday with my CBTL crew! Wooot! 🙂

5. Updated my wardrobe.  I vowed to myself that I’d have to stock my closet with the basics (and the not-so-basics) before June comes. WOMANHOOD CALLS! Haha. I’ve checked some things off my list already, but the very very fickle shopper in me still has some clothes-and shoes-hunting to do.

There. Excuse me if I’ve been doing “lists” for the past two blogs, I just want to lay down things as orderly as I can so I could track my productivity (or the lack of it). Hopefully, the next posts could make up for this very uninformative one. Haha.


Enjoy the rest of your summer! ☼

Laughs. Loves. And the Useless Toils of my April.

* tinay *


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