Game Plan.

Posted in the midst of Unraveled Thoughts by Tinay on April 15, 2010

I find it really funny that ever since my long break has begun, I’m kind of having a hard time figuring out how to fit things into my free schedule. See, my entire summer isn’t really “carefully planned out” (which, I presume won’t happen), but I don’t get why I can’t manage to start or maybe even finish something productive. Before school officially ended, my brains took the liberty of wandering off creating an imaginary blueprint for my glorious break. And boy that got me excited…too excited that I don’t even know where to begin.  I guess summer breezed in too abruptly that while I await for its immaculate coming, I totally forgot that it was suddenly right there in front of me. I don’t know if I’m making any sense back there but yeah.. it’s something like that.

I initially wanted to spend a week or so at home and create a couch potato out of me because I know it will be something too costly to do by the end of two months. Some summer plans are still blurry though, while a few wouldn’t be panning out until about a month. So I figured I might as well lay down the lazy and not-so-lazy things I’ll be filling my summer with so I wouldn’t have to confuse myself even more.  Haha.

1. READ and WRITE. I totally miss reading non-medically related stuff. My latest one is Paulo Coelho’s The Zahir, which I’m guessing has been read by over a gazillion people. It’s actually my first from Coelho’s masterpieces, thus no judging. =)  And yes, I haven’t even read the Alchemist. (NO JUDGING even more!).  Aaaand, I wish to write about things that make up awesome!! Ideas?

2. MOVIES. As if missing out on good reads didn’t make me enough of a loser, well take this. I haven’t quite seen movies that hit box office or were the talk of the town. Once again, the weirdo in me compelled my soul to take the “road less taken”. =)

3.EAT and EXERCISE. Conflicting, but I need both.  Some weight gain will seriously save my life, thus the need to eat. And weight gain will also cause me belly and thigh troubles, thus the need to exercise. Problem is, I never tried regular exercise routines my whole life. Great.

4. LEARN and EXPERIENCE. Or unlearn if necessary.=) New experiences will not just tickle your soul, but it makes you feel alive. =)

5. DECLUTTER. A long overdue need! Heaps of papers and documents accumulated since June waiting to be sorted out and I haven’t even started. Will have to make way for double the amount of notes for my sophomore year. Plus, laptop is on the verge of going mad! Must delete unused/unwanted/unnecessary files, apps and everything else NOW!

6. RECONNECT and RELIVE. Old friends deserve a chance for new memories. Where are you high school and college buddies? =) Aannd, family might need a hand these days, so might as well do them a favor and be a good daughter, sister, cousin, aunt or grandchild.

7. REJUVINATE. I wouldn’t want to specify everything here, but every woman needs/wants this—from head to toe. You know what I mean.

8. RECHARGE. Sleep will practically be one thing I’ll be looking forward to everyday. Blame it all to the constant lack of sleep.

9. REASSESS. Okay. Because med school ate the biggest chunk of my time and attention the past 10 months, now will be the crucial time for me to deliberately think and rethink things.—my life, my goals, my priorities, my choices. It’s high time I UNDO my mistakes, turn REGRETS into lessons, and LET GO of certain things from the past.

What’s your summer game plan? 🙂

Laughs. Loves. And Rough Drafts for Summer.

* tinay *


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