Ready. Set. Sizzle.

Posted in the midst of Unraveled Thoughts by Tinay on April 8, 2010

Taken last summer 2009 at the lovely island of Boracay! I MISS THIS and I MISS THE GIRLS! =)

School’s out!  And I’m super ecstatic for summer 2010! =) Finally!! You are mine to behold. For one, it’s my first 2-month-long summer break since high school (damn those obligatory college summer classes), so I better get myself kicking while I still can. *Fireworks!*  Secondly, ever since I stepped into med school, my daily routine has always been about school, studying out, getting drunk on coffee, and lesser sleep. The Finals season was also the culmination of crazy, but honestly, it was something worth remembering. Haha. So I’ll  finally get the chance to exploit all my free time for things I’ve missed and things I”ll never get to do again starting June.

So now, I, and apparently the whole batch await for our final status–whether we get promoted, or lag behind. And sheesh, I cannot even fathom the thought of the latter. So there. First year in medical school blew the shit out of me (pardon the rudeness) and I cannot wait what sweetness the next few years hold. And until then, I could only keep my fingers crossed, and storm the great heavens with my prayers.

But before that, I super wish this trip (which practically got me giddy for weeks) would be one perfect beginning of the sizzling summer. Will be leaving in a few minutes (LITERALLY) ! See you all soon! =)

Laughs. Loves. and Good to See You Again,  Summer ♥.

* tinay *


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