The Old & the New.

Posted in the midst of Unraveled Thoughts by Tinay on March 15, 2010

My twenty-first year of being me has been all that’s bittersweet. And as much as I would want to hate it for the misfortunes it has thrown me, I’ve also been charmed with all the sunshine it has given me. I’m really grateful that for the past months, I’ve braved through new and different things and experiences that can certainly mark a brand-new me. This isn’t everything yet, so I’m hoping that as I turn a year older, I get to strengthen the good ones, shove out the bad ones and put on a better fighting spirit that will weather my next 365 days of awesomeness.


For all the solid and true friends, for the peace and joy of a family, for the new friendships forged, for the new life as a physician-wannabe, for my new campus crew, for the exams that shook the hell out of me, for the greater amounts of love I’ve received, for the amount of love I’ve shared, for the tragedies that I moved on from, or for the attempts of moving on, for the out-of-budget lunch meals, for the spontaneous and wicked plans, for the study sessions turned wild, for the nomadic switches of study grounds, for the ultimate freebies and privileges, for midnight breakfasts and failed budgeting, for the record-breaking procrastination, for the countless promises broken, for missing-you’s and coming-homes, for sweet successes and epic downfalls, for the noise eruption and green jokes, for the orgasmic laughters and stabbing eyes, for BAGELS and BUTTERFLIES, for rumors that were even too shallow to deal with, for LABELS that only insecurity could afford, for the birth of my blog *celebrate*, and for every tiny thing that filled up my day..


Laughs. Loves. And Twenty One plus One.



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