Lent with a Chance of Meatballs.

Posted in the midst of Unraveled Thoughts by Tinay on February 23, 2010

Now, if it weren’t for the very tormenting weather, I wouldn’t be up blogging here. It’s funny really because the heat reminded me of one thing, then it reminded me of another thing and it just went on and on and on. One single trail of thought blazing through my mind and it eventually snapped like Eureka!

As of writing, everybody could attest that the Lenten season is taking its toll and THANK YOU EL NINO for coming in too perfectly. You see, I’ve always associated Lent with the sweltering weather and this year just kept me believing in that. Also, they say you’re not supposed to eat meat on Wednesdays and Fridays and who-knows-when-else, so excuse me if I sound like a heretic, but I don’t normally follow that. Or better put, I don’t actually believe in that. Not entirely. Sacrifices are ALWAYS ALWAYS a personal thing and no law or rule or whatsoever should make you decide which one’s to forgo. Here’s one situation I’ve been on to emphasize what I mean: Lunch time at school. I pointed at a certain pancit for my side dish and the manang serving me went, “Miss, naa baya ni karne” (Miss, this contains meat). Initially, I was stunned. WTH? And then I remembered. It was a scorching Friday and boom, there goes that no-meat-rule fiasco. I replied, “Sige lang.” (It’s okay). And to her surprise, I picked a MEATY dish (partly to tickle and bother her thoughts). Thank you manang for such sweet concern but it didn’t matter to me that much.

My point being, banning meat-eating is plain overrated because for one thing, not all people value meat-eating similarly. Others can thrive without it, while others simply can’t. And who on earth ever made that too universal in the first place? I don’t believe it’s ever written in the Bible, unless of course someone smacks my face with a Biblical verse that carries that line (or something like that). People are just too submissive to “rules” that sometimes, things just loses it’s value. Personally, I am not a huge fan of rules. I could bend rules anytime when I feel like it, but I don’t think that makes me an antisocial either. I just think it’s human nature to react differently. Besides, people have varying thresholds for satisfaction. For me, rules are so mediocre and mediocrity is plain suicide (well maybe not really EVERYTHING). Rather, I am a firm disciple of DIVERSITY and INDIVIDUALITY, and respecting those things matter just as equally as following them. The more things become too common, the more it becomes too annoying, the more you become driven to find something else new or just anything but it. It’s actually like a reverse of taboo –the more they impose it from you, the more you’re bound to frustrate them.

No judging please. Haha=)

So instead,why not give it a more personal touch? Sacrifice an hour of sleep for studying. Skip DOTA and study instead. Give up Facebook for a week. Give up alcohol. Limit smoking. Limit coffee intake to three or four times a week rather than on a daily basis. Skip dessert. Limit TV. Avoid gossip. Spare half your chocolate bar to a friend. Take the jeepney instead of riding a taxi. Order water instead of iced tea. Go green. Promise yourself that you would finally read Histology seriously. Finish your vegetables. Wash your own plates. Give your driver a break and drive your way to your destination. Turn the aircon off during bed time. Use your snack money to buy sampaguita from Raymart (I bet you all know who this kid is by now). Things like that. Something that comes from you, something you know that would be worth sacrificing for. If you know something else is dearer to you than MEAT, then forgo or at least limit that. MEAT doesn’t necessarily have to be the center of your sacrificial journey. It doesn’t even always have to be about food! Jesus Christ understands that. He’s a very good man, I heard.=)

Don’t get me wrong here, but I have nothing against those who actually abide to such rule religiously, nor do I have anything against Lent. I could applaud those people anytime with certainly no pun intended. And I don’t also believe that shunning such tradition would make you any less a Catholic. But you see, we should be all open to all the possibilities here. Not everything applies to everybody. People are born different, remain different and will forever be different. Respect could be the supreme understatement here and I hear it goes a long long way. Or maybe, just maybe, we could stop imposing things to others, stop expecting something from them, and perhaps work our way from the inside. For all we know, lending a little something of ourselves to the maddening world could be one chunky meat to a selfless living. =)

Laughs. Loves. And Sacrificial Lambs.

* tinay *


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