Just Enjoy the Show.

Posted in the midst of Unraveled Thoughts by Tinay on December 31, 2009

I have finally come to accept that studying on my Christmas break is one price that I pay for as a medical student. Unit exam on Jan 5 has all that crap tagging along with it and I swear it’s the stinkiest poo in the entire universe! Fine, I exaggerated.

But seriously, somewhere along that line thought, I have to admit that I actually made some accurate sense.

Well for one, everybody’s out partying and LEISURELY drinking coffee while I try to guzzle down that same dose of caffeine for the sake of waking up my system. And while they start chatting up with one another, laughing boisterously, taking pictures and all, I, on the other hand have to deal with my ever beloved Guyton trying to figure out what he’s actually trying to tell me through his hundreds and hundreds of pages covered for the exam. So there goes my vacation.

I mean seriously. I’ve already conceded with the fact that while I put my hands on my chosen career, there will loads and loads of reading to. I see that already. And in truth, it’s actually because of all that required studying that the Coffee Bean family was formed. So no regrets on that. It’s just too untimely though that instead of embracing the two-week-long break with all the purest holiday joys and cheer, it has to be cut short to give way for the readings.  And come on, Christmas is supposed to be my favorite time of the year!! So I try my best not to grinch. Hur hur.

So what’s left for me to do now is to devour all the optimism in the world in the hopes that it would shake off all the negative energy. So far, I haven’t been too successful on that. HAHA. And to get me into that “mood”, I have to turn up this preppy music full blast for it to seep through my system, hence the very “related” blog title. =P. But I’m getting there. Somehow. Eventually. Yeah.


Laughs. Loves. And The Holiday that Was.

* tinay *


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