Strutting Backstage.

Posted in the midst of Unraveled Thoughts by Tinay on December 22, 2009

If there was one thing I was excited for besides the Holiday break, it was the Convergy’s Glam Rock Christmas Party over at the Waterfront Grand Ballroom last Saturday. 

Without having to rave just how much extravagant these people turned out to be, one of the program’s highlights was a fashion show which featured the works of  two young Cebuano talents, Hanz Coquilla and Batch Syncytia’s very own DJ Simporios. The women’s collection, which the former has brilliantly crafted, radiated all that is sexy, fabulous and feminine. I personally love the simplicity and the chosen palette. On the other hand, DJ dished up the crowd with a tasteful serving of some fun, funky and feisty men’s wear collection with all its colorful blast. ( I can totally sense some DJ style in it!)

And to make the event more interesting to me, our dearest president, DJ made us part of HER “team”—and a very reliable and magnificent team that is. Well personally, I did some hanger-counting, foundation-slash-concealer-applying, pants-holding (Yes Deej, one of your models made me do this.), tie-knotting, clothes-pinning, wardrobe-keeping-and-folding businesses and it was all forms of AWESOMENESS combined! The models were pretty much easy to deal with and they were very cooperative as well. Despite the fact that we seemed like intruders that night, we actually had the grandest time much like how those people did!

Pardon me if it may seem too shallow, but it has always been my secret dream to somehow, at some point in time, work with fashion, make-up and photography and all those glitzy and glamorous stuff most especially when given the time and opportunity to do so. And in events such as that, I’d choose backstage over anything! =) So thank you soooo much Deej for giving me the chance to delve into such a thing. That first-hand experience indeed gave me one hell of a break from all the demands of medical school. Two very contrasting fields, yet in one way or another, both seem to strike a perfect balance in me.


DJ with the male models.


Some of the models.



Hanz Coquilla


Aika and her cam, Sylver and Me.



‘Til the next!


Laughs. Loves. And Behind the Glitz and Glamour.

* tinay *






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