To the Fourth Power.

Posted in the midst of Unraveled Thoughts by Tinay on December 19, 2009

I never imagined that these 10 strangers then would be among the first few people that I’ll grow to trust and respect so much in school. From those shy months of June, the sudden birthday surprises, to the situations that made us “infamous”, we surely have been through A LOT of hell together. 

And so to celebrate the Holiday, we decided to spend our Christmas party together over at Ding Qua Qua. As simple as the gathering may be, it all culminated how we as a group have grown and learned so much about ourselves and about each other. The season practically reminded us what loving and sharing could do, and how we were all joined together to be the Group Four that we are. 

With that, I am sending my little love notes to each and every Kinesin. (Alphabetical ni guys para di mag gubot! =p)


BALANG, you have always been marked with that strong persona in you. I salute you for always being unafraid to take risks, and for always holding on to what you believe. At the same time, you constantly remain a friend to everybody, you never hide your true colors and I thank you for that. 

ALTA, the ever fashionably-poised Alta. I appreciate you for always stepping up for the group when all of us were either too lazy or basically didn’t have the guts to. Thank you for all the favors, the generosity and for just being the sweetest Alta that you are.  You are my shinning example of ROLE MODEL. 

NIPNIP, SGD’s will be TOTALLY so incomplete without you and your thinking tank! Thanks for making things simpler to understand with your spontaneous discussions and “butang nato” metaphors. People would certainly have no problems relating to you because you always keep yourself open and friendly to everybody. 

SYLVER, the ultimate GENG of the group. You are a perfect blend of brains, talent and personality. Thanks for all the laughter, the “demure” intermission numbers and for your spontaneity that always keep our souls alive. The group is truly lucky to have someone as unique as you and you certainly make us proud for belonging to the top 10 cream of the crop. 

CARLA, the forever no-fuss-about-it SISTER CARLA. =) Your calm and submissive approach to everything truly balances the group’s rowdiness and tension. Thank you for always keeping up with all the teases and craziness that never stops pouring in. 

BOSSING, I totally thank you for your genuine concern for the group. You carefully speak your thoughts with so much sense that you always strike the very core of things. You are easy to deal with and a very happy-go-luck person. Hopefully, this year would be as memorable to you as how it has been to us. 

POFER, there isn’t actually a lot of reasons why people would have difficulties befriending you. Your childishly playful yet “suave” personality has always been your weapon into getting your way to people. Thank you for being so approachable and for always being ready to help. You will forever be our favorite SPAMMER. =)

JEM (aka COITS), you never let ANYTHING get in your way and I admire you for that. You have always been gentle and lovable when relating to people, yet fierce when the time calls for it. Thank you for making us realize that big things do come in small packages. =) 

MANFRED, your rough-looking façade proved us wrong when we realized that you are able to lend a helping hand to the group. Thank you for the effort that you put in whatever tasks we do. It doesn’t matter to what extent, but we appreciate that fact that with your contribution, you keep the team spirit alive. 

TZAR, the brainchild of all things original. You are one very imaginative soul and the inner “actor” in you always sends the group in disbelief. Your creative juice never fails to awe the artistically-challenged side of all of us, so thank you for putting some art in our lives.




Laughs. Loves and Kinesin Love.

* tinay *


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