In a Jiffy.

Posted in the midst of Unraveled Thoughts by Tinay on December 17, 2009

This’ll be quick. 

I TOTALLY can’t help it. I want my vacation so badly already and I miss blogging slash ranting slash raving that I’m too squirmy to get this whole week over with. The thought of having only ONE MORE DAY of school incessantly sends me all this RUSH! But before my system explodes from all this restless emotions, I’d rather exploit whatever is left of my senses and try to send some message across. 

As of now, I am in the state of confusion + bankruptcy. I have some gifts to buy with lesser moolah to shell out. Plus, I have my ridiculously materialistic whims of which I am DYING to have for Christmas. I need a new cotton blazer, new shoes, new bag, new clothes and more clothes. Sheesh! Why, of all seasons, does my inner materialistic monster swallow me up during Christmastime? Can’t it just nibble me month after month?  LOL.

So tomorrow, I will TRY to mediate that confused soul in me — one purchase at a time. I just have to perfect the art of thinking well and thinking FAST; the lack of which, by the way, became the main culprit for my being late at Edenbel’s dinner celebration this evening at Pino’s. I was too overwhelmed with the choices (ironically) and given the very limited time and resources, my line of thinking went berserk. Turns out, I will still have to buy a gift for my manito/ta from the CoffeeBeaners tomorrow before we all gather for our Christmas dinner. Can’t wait! =)

And thank you Eden for tonight’s dinner! I’m glad to have met Kaye Ong and Tatty once again after a very long time!

Anyway, gotta rush. Will be having SGD tomorrow and I haven’t read a WORD.  I just had to relieve my head from all the senseless traffic that’s been jamming it. Better blog posts will be up very soon.


Laughs. Loves. And Restless Souls.

* tinay *


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