Posted in the midst of Unraveled Thoughts by Tinay on October 28, 2009

The last thing that I would have wanted to do was to literally do nothing at home on a supposedly delightful semestral break! For heaven’s sake, I have roughly 5 days left of  my temporary freedom from the ridiculously troublesome band of brothers – Harper, Bloom, Guyton and Grey. And I haven’t lifted a finger on something decent to do. I initially had quite a lot of things laid down for the break and sadly I haven’t even accomplished half of it. What else is left of me to do now that I’m recently a post-op baby and disallowed to overuse my upper torso?  I cannot go driving, I cannot shop and most certainly I cannot go wall climbing or any other sport for that matter. Fine, THAT I can compromise since the whole minor procedure was done for my own good. But it would also follow that I’d be spending the recuperation period at home. Okay. THAT in itself is tolerable since I wouldn’t want to have a bad case of a split surgical wound, and most especially evisceration. Thankfully, the pain has gradually subsided already, though I might have some slight problems keeping it dry during bath time.


So what happens now? I’m home, stuck with pre-downloaded movies. Thank god my sister has become such a downloading fan and I, too can share all the wonders of a ticket-less movie screening. Aside from that, the TapTap fever addiction has gotten all over me again (Topped it a 1.3 million points! HAHA). I’ve also gave in to that Facebook madness; but still, I have no plans of getting hooked to any of its games because once I  become an avid fan, it’ll be all to unhealthy. (Which is precisely why I made that conscious decision to abandon my virtual farm. =p) Also, I’m back to my site-browsing habit. I’ve had this love and hate relationship with the Internet before, so before I entered my freshman year at CIM, I chose to give it up (a bit) before my medical dreams would give up on me. And now, it’s certainly back. I’ve been visiting numerous sites, reading various blogs of any genre and practically getting lost at cyberspace. Haha. And it’s strangely getting a good deal out of me. =) 

But seriously, I want to go out. I want my fix of Starbucks Green tea frap. I want my pizza and calzone. And I certainly want to shop already!! Arrrgh. If it weren’t for my sniffles, my surgical wound, and the irritatingly bipolar weather, I’d be up and about enjoying my precious whiff of freedom. FML.

Which reminds me. After all the site-hoppings I’ve done, I happen to cross this interesting site which has become one of my daily readings. It’s called FMYLIFE. I personally like how their name got my attention, and I presume the same goes to the 1.7 million others who have become their daily readers.  They feature some unusual and not to mention, FUGLY happenings among people through their daily grind. It’s really nothing too fancy, just pure humor and a lot of infabricated bad luck. =)

 Check it our here:


Photo credits:


So, what’s your FML story? 


Laughs. Loves. And Wrong Timings.



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