Season Ender.

Posted in the midst of Unraveled Thoughts by Tinay on October 25, 2009

At last, after the first four months of mental, physical and emotional battle that every Cebu Institute of Medicine (CIM) student goes through, we are finally getting our much coveted break!

Being a freshman, the adjustment phase was the most horrible part – the system was downright demanding, rules were crashing in from all directions, and above all,  Discipline 101 sessions were numerous.  Frustrations were abundant, while sleep was scarce. Failure became your companion while coffee became your superhero (well, at least temporarily). It was only sheer luck that you get to be surrounded by some good people in school whom you can share those moments with and considerably respect and trust.   True, those months weren’t close to easy, but I am certainly glad that I’m a having the grandest time with my college-cum-med friends, my lovely new group mates, and all the new faces and people I’ve met.

So what better way to celebrate our first “season ender” than with a banging batch party! Originally planned as a costume-themed one, those who didn’t really come in their outrageous costumes were equally embraced anyway (take me for example).  And the lucky place? LEVEL 8! It was certainly a decent and fine choice. It was located atop a building, and the scenic city view was awesome! The Renaissance band also took center stage to satisfy the musical senses of our beloved facilitators who came that Friday night.  And my favorite part? BANANA BOOTH! We were all Banana Booth-ing like crazy. Plus, since it was set up for free (promotional gig), it made the whole unlimited picture-taking experience sweeter!!

I’m giving away free HUGS to those who organized the event, the sponsors and to the whole Batch Syncytia. We should all do this again some time.! =)


People in costumes! 


L-R: Lady Gaga(Steph Cabilao), Darth Vader (Modesto Gallardo), Zorro (Revey Nuico), Little Red Riding Hood (Alta Bagasbas), Rosalinda (Sylver Israel), The Joker (James Tankiatsy), Dr. House (Luis Tiongko)


Unlimited picture-taking at Banana Booth for everyone! 


Up: Me, Tina Q, Pofer

Below: Jazzy, Nicole, Carmelle, Aika, Faith


Kinesin 1/2! 




Laughs. Loves. And Formalin-Free Days


Credits to Aika Kuan for the photos. 


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