Fondness for Fridays.

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Ask a few people on how they feel about Fridays and you will probably arrive at more-or-less similar set of responses—excitement in all its imaginable forms. There is indeed that collective feeling of euphoria shared by everyone around the globe when the fifth day of the week comes sashaying down our way. And if ever it really did walk down some kind of street or runway, it will be wildly greeted with thunderous applause, standing ovation, and non-stop flicker of lights and cameras. It is undisputably everyone’s favorite darling.

Friday. It is the day when you simply cannot wait for the clock to strike 4 (or 5 or whenever your time-out is). It’s like a gray area between work and play, but admittingly, all you ever consider doing is play anyway. It’s when you find yourself seated at the edge of your chair in total giddiness and in hurry for things to be over and done. It is when despite all the tormenting things you’ve been eye-rolling about throughout the week, you feel thrilled by something again.

However, I’d like to think that if Friday were in human form, it’ll have to be a criminal – highly wanted and being chased, while slyly robbing you of your senses, or more specifically, you presence of mind. It will put you in trance of more-play-and-less-work; and will cripple the quality of effort you put into what you toil at because, admit it, it’s a Friday already!! And when darkness befalls, as much as it is guised as a you-still-have-to-work-your-ass-off day, in essence, it is officially the start of a mighty hell of a weekend, so you probably think it’s a good excuse to drop everything and just chill.

Conversely, although it may give you a jolt of anticipation for that “mighty hell of a weekend”, it may not really guarantee that at all times. The feeling it sets in is so addicting that it may mislead you into experiencing a life-changing weekend; and so you start basking on the possibility every passing Friday despite how lackluster and frustrating your past weekends might have been. Still, even with that kind of deception, nothing can give you the kind of momentary high than what a Friday does; and that’s what you worship about it anyway. So at some point, it becomes everyone’s favorite drug.

But to those whose lifestyle knows no Fridays (read: unemployed / self-employed, or in the medical field), it may be no different than any other day of the week. To them, rejoicing at its arrival may be something they can relish at only on a case-to-case basis. More so, anticipating at being able to put a momentary stop at what they do for the sole reason that it’s Friday-o’-clock is not even in their book.  It’s either because they have their own “Friday” pegged somewhere within the week, or that their career’s work calendar might not simply float on the same boat as with the roaring majority.

Nonetheless, they don’t create a lot of clamor for Fridays because they see a Friday-potential in some other random day of the week.  They do not need to abide by any social norm as to when to hang loose. They simply look forward to something else with no regards to the day, or even something that’s better than having a case of a good Friday night.

Perhaps we should learn a thing or two from these people – to embrace the potential good out of everyday, to not limit thankfulness to a single day, or to know when and when not to drop responsibilities. For in reality, when life-changing, heart-stopping moments do arrive, they do not accept any excuses. They will drug you in their bewildering magic, and you’re bound to get a good taste of it–Friday, or no Friday. 🙂

Laughs. Loves. And TGIF.

* tinay * 


An Open Letter to the Three Old Men Sitting Across Me at the Gym Lounging Area.

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From Google Images

Dear gentlemen,

      First of all, allow me to extend my apologies if ever I hit a chord at the thought of dubbing you old. I don’t mean to be insensitive about it, but for the lack of a more accurate judgment, you guys are, in fact, about twenty-five years my senior.

      Anyway, from the way I see it, you happen to bump into each other because of a common goal—to stay fit and active, or plainly to age healthily and beautifully. And deducing from my belief on human social behavior, your first few encounters may have been filled with man-nods, skimpy hi’s and hello’s, and default conversation starters such as “What do you do?” and “How many kids you got?”.

      But as you comfortably recline your backs on those cushioned seats while delighting on your complimentary beverage, I see that you might’ve come a long way from back then. The chatty exchange of smiles and the sudden outburst of chuckles and one-liners are all but clear-cut testimonies that there isn’t a shred of stranger anxiety hounding over your own little huddle.

      And then, either by virtue of damned proximity or by my sublime giftedness in hearing (haha), I got to snag a bit of your conversation.

      You initially talked about how traffic has gotten awfully worse at a certain area. Of course, that wasn’t really the highlight of the conversation, but that was the point when my attention shifted from my grilled chicken wrap towards your casual discussion. And along the course of my meal, you swung from one topic to the other; you talked about how technology has dominated the youth of today, which caused you to spiral down into memory lane. Few statements later, you delved on to real estate.

      I didn’t mean to eavesdrop, dear gentlemen, but some certain spell just made you appear and sound conveniently interesting to me that very second. Sure, I didn’t feel the urge to butt in, but watching and listening to how people your age chat about what-not’s got me thinking. It got me to mentally rehash how my friends and I get our conversations loaded up – we start from the usual personal updates, share unforgettable encounters, talk about whoever, talk about events, compare personal habits and preferences. However, we also find ourselves talking about traffic, about today’s youth, and about life goals. Needless to say, it’s not a pattern new to anyone or any social circle for that matter.

      So on a larger note, aside from the shared secrets and memories you were all a part of, how are conversations any different between long-time friends and between seemingly-likened strangers who have similar life experiences?

     I say they don’t. Maybe not that much. I think people are more similar than they think they are. However, they wouldn’t know that unless they strike up a conversation with the other. They wouldn’t know that if they don’t return the smile a passerby gave them. They wouldn’t know that if they skimp on their hi’s and hello’s. The fact that you three gentlemen have all came down to the same gym means there has to be a common denominator amongst you. So it shouldn’t come too hard to use that glaring similarity for an opportunity of a quick chat. Awkwardness aside, I guess it’s all a matter of getting used to anyway. And it’s all a matter of finding the potential good out of people and discarding society-asserted stereotypes. Besides, your trio is living proof that it’s possible to throw in politeness to someone, and being treated politely in return. I bet you three make gym sessions an interesting routine to look forward to. You don’t just come down there to get some bodily workout, but end up stretching out your minds as well. Mind if I join you on your coffee breaks one of these days? Just kidding. 🙂

Laughs. Loves. And an eavesdropping session. 

* tinay *

Here’s My Story.

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As I am tapping my words out in this ungodly hour, I knew that I wasn’t hitting off to bed anytime soon. Because when some gush of thought comes flooding right in, I just had to sit still, type them down, and allow my mind wander until wherever it takes me. And on those rare occasions such as this, I think basking in that surreal moment right when it hits me is when I can accurately catch the very heartbeat of it all.

Some people might be wondering what I am up to now, because last time they knew, I was a medical student. I could talk all day on the pains and struggles of how it is to pursue such a profession. I was seen buried within my humongous, hard-bound textbooks painstakingly leafing through every page of complex details and hard-to-absorb chunks of medical jargon. I was caught dashing here and there because time was very much of the essence when examinations are just a few hours away.

Of course, it’s a different thing now. Three years of that finally took me to a higher level of learning, enabling me to be a step closer towards becoming a physician–as a medical intern. But technically, I am not one yet. I am not one of that because those three years of highs and lows has managed to successfully take its toll on me—on my health, most specifically.

Weeks before I was set to begin my internship last April, things started to take a turn for the worse.  No matter how eligible my academic record was, my body didn’t seem to throw a convincing nod. I was confined for two weeks, though it hasn’t actually been my first one for the past four consecutive months. In fact, it was my third. My gut-wrenching third. My attendings found it alarming, my family saw it distressing, but I refused to let it hold over me. It was until my cousin just had to slap me into what was one of the most brutal reality I had to face—I wasn’t fit for internship, and it was imperative to give myself a real break from medicine—a year-long break.

I knew that day would come. I’ve been playing around with that thought for quite some time since my second hospital admission. But I didn’t think it would come out that way, that soon. Right when she uttered those words, I thought, one year off school is more than I could bear. It meant that I would be delayed, that I would be missing a whole lot of people, and that scared me. So I drove a hard bargain and asked for 6 months, promised to be religious with my medications and to exercise extra caution with my food intake. Fortunately, my doctors gladly agreed. And I could just hear that sigh of relief from my family when I finally gave in to what they had wishfully wanted me (but was too stubborn) to do.

Almost three months have rolled in and I realize it was one my best decisions yet. I gave up the thought of being six months behind, I gave up the thought of missing out on a lot of things with the people I’ve grown to love, and I gave up the thought of having to march down the aisle for graduation with the rest of the batch. I gave up the thought that I would have to explain my delay during the hospital-matching process for post-graduate internship,  how I would tackle reviewing for the licensure board exams alone, or how my delay might seem that I wasn’t any better or physically competent come residency training. I gave up all that thought for the relief it could bring to my family and for the security of my health and well-being. If you ask me, it’s not a steep price to pay.  I say so because no amount could ever match the value of a family and of one’s health.

Dreaming of becoming a doctor has never been wrong, just as working your tail off to get to it isn’t a mistake either. But when it starts to get the best of you, perhaps it’s time to sort out your priorities and allow your ambition to take a back seat, even for a while. Like I’ve been told, medicine can be harsh and competitive. But it’s certainly not a race so there’s really no compelling reason to rush through it. When you take it easy, when you give yourself time to breathe, you’d see that there’s so much more that’s worth your time and there’s so much more you can do even while striving on a career. Our ambitions shouldn’t be the only thing that we live for, but it should give life to what we stand up for. It’s just funny how I had to realize that, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. I’m more than happy with how things are turning out for me right now, and I couldn’t be any more grateful. I’ve started experiencing new things I never tried doing; I’m learning to appreciate things I never thought I’d fancy. I’m starting to reconsider my options, recalculate my views and opinions, and create and rekindle relationships. More importantly, with the positivity surrounding me, I’m learning to discover more of myself and the huge bag of awesomeness the world can offer every single day.  And as a saying once goes, “What you get by achieving your goals is not as important as what you become by achieving your goals.”

Laughs. Loves and My Dose of Six Months.

* tinay *

Mix ad gone mad.

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Credits: Yahoo PH

I do agree with them that mestizas hold a unique charm. Most of the pretty faces I personally ogle at are, in fact, mestizas. However, that certain line containing the “sure formula” thing is somewhat degrading to full-blooded Pinoys. It’s playing within the boundaries of racism. However true, proven or observable it may be, using such a concept at the forefront of a campaign for a homegrown FILIPINO company is not only insensitive –it’s irresponsible. Don’t get me wrong, but I do understand the point behind their ad. I personally agree with the thought of mixing and matching, most specifically on clothes. But they could have really delivered that in a better, less-provocative way. Or better yet, they could have kept it to themselves (and not on their campaign banners), that line most especially. Because last time I checked, wherever you are in the world, race is still a very sensitive issue.

Oh well. Just my two cents. And like they say, bad publicity is still publicity. 🙂

Laughs. Loves. And What’s Your Mix?

* tinay *

West 35 (Balamban, Cebu).

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I don’t know if it’s due to my nutrition supplement, my current visits to the gym or to some unknown supernatural power that has been doubling my appetite since May, but it’s not that I’m complaining.  It’s record-breaking for me to see myself bidding adieu to that cachectic – okay, I exaggerated – frail-looking figure and morph into a plumper, healthier version of me within over a month. And because my steady cravings and ill-timed hunger often keep me yearning for good food, then I’d drive to high mountains if I should all for dining’s sake! So literally, up the mountains I, along with some family went and into this food place called Haven Café at West 35.

Up since April of last year, West 35 deserves a spot on your shortlist of getaway places from all the flurry of city life.  An hour drive is all it took to arrive to this eco-mountain resort, cunningly perched on one of the mountains of Balamban, Cebu. Besides the café and the 360-view of lush greenery, they also offer chic accommodations at their villa, kids playground and outdoor activities to boot!

View of their villa from the viewing deck.

Here are photos of some of the food we ordered.

Service was kindda slow during our visit, but I guess it was due to the fact that we had multiple orders to accommodate two long tables for the whole group. It might wouldn’t hurt to give them a call beforehand to let them know what you’d like. Check out their contact details, accommodation rates and other actual photos here!

I’m certain to go back! Who’s coming? 🙂

Laughs. Loves. And Thirty-five kilometers west of Cebu.

 * tinay *

Catching up in the Island.

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There’s no question that summer has its own spellbinding way of making us drag our feet into the open seas. It’s usually the time when we delight ourselves with the idea of wind blown across our faces, fine sand between our toes and sunshine kissing over our shoulders, so we snag every opportunity to make them real.  But given that the season is now wrapping itself up, we find dark clouds peeking from time to time since last week to remind us that its days are ultimately numbered. Yes, one snap and it’s over! However, no amount of rainfall could ever dampen the clamor for making the most out of the last days of summer, especially when a cousin whom I haven’t met for a decade decides to come home for a vacation! So here we go. Touchdown Boracay! 🙂

My niece, Ella. 🙂

With mother dear. ♥

I was with the company of my aunts, cousins, mom and niece. It was such a random combination with apparently every generation well-represented! Haha. 🙂 

With my cousins Ate Jane (who I finally got to see after a decade in the US!) and Ate Anne.

I got my tan and I’m still digging it! 🙂

Laughs. Loves. and B for Boracay! 

* tinay * 

Camera Tricks.

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I was sifting through old photos from my hard drive this afternoon and certain thoughts came blazing through my head. One of which and perhaps the most notorious of them all, is that I have a huge baggage of un-uploaded photos. Given that in this era where “no photos meant it didn’t happen”, people tend to weave differently-set photographs together to come up with an idea on what you’re eating, where you’ve been setting your foot into, who you’ve mingled with and all that. Suffice to say that they presume to know your endeavors, sometimes even presume to know who you really are based on the photographs you’ve tirelessly prettified and posted.  But allow me to explain. I take photos, yes. I take NON-SENSE photos, indeed yes! I take vain photographs, well who doesn’t? In fact, I  also have that natural tendency to take food shots – lots of them! 🙂

However, I’m not really the type to broadcast them all at once  for public consumption. I’m more reserved when it comes to these things because I feel that novelty is always good. I seem to find excitement in what I don’t know. Leaving a little something behind, leaving something unknown, and locking them all up in room chock-full of mystery is what I believe in. I’d save them for those instances when I feel like waxing poetic and reminiscing about all those, because I feel that it’s where I can get the most sense (and thought) out from them.

I mean, you can tell a lot about people based on what may fill their albums, but you can never be always right. You get to share their happiness somewhere through their daily grind, feel inspired by their picture-perfect moments, yet sometimes, it may not be all there is. I do agree that photographs capture moments and the stories that come with it – no matter how big or small, because that’s what they’re made for. And I also agree that some are just especially worth sharing and worth reliving. But I do agree that our eyes can only tell us so much. Why? Because what we see isn’t always what it seems to be.

Laughs. Loves. And Behind the Lens.

* tinay * 

Own Sweet Time.

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With summer in my hair and time on my hands, I’ve got more than enough room to churn out tangible whatnots over things that I’ve missed out ever since I stepped into medicine. While there are a few I have in mind, I cannot exactly say what those are just yet. Probably because I don’t want them jinxed? Haha. 🙂 I cannot say for sure, but the only thing I’m absolute about is that for the next six months, I will take things one day at a time. I will throw all caution to the wind, quietly tiptoe away from my comfort zone and find inspiration in the little things. 🙂

If there’s one indispensible thing I’ve learned lately is that success is not a race. Getting to it may be competitive, yes. But it’s certainly not a race. It’s not about how fast you to get to where you want to be, but it’s what you become as you get there. No need to ruthlessly elbow your way through the droves of equally ambitious people. And certainly no need to compromise the more important things in life up to a degree that may be irreversible.

So what am I trying to say really? Well, it’s true that getting caught up in your ambitions can put you to your limits, and that getting there is not just a walk in the park. But no one ever said that it’s the only path you’re entitled to take FOR NOW. No one ever said that as soon as you take that first step, you’re bound to continuously boogie your way to the end before hitting on a different track. Who knows? An unexpected detour may give you a fresher view on things- your goals included. It may actually let you see life unfolding in pure abandon. And you’ll never know that that was what you actually needed to keep you going.

Laughs. Loves and Through rose-colored glasses.

* tinay * 

Truth Be Told.

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Two rounds of hospital admissions for the past 3 months.

Missed a crazy amount of exams, SGD’s, duty days, school events and all the hoopla in between.

Most probably have the winning streak of the number of days for duty replacements.

Studied for multiple exams while the rest of the world had that same amount of time to worry about one.

Inserted a quick (quickly drafted, to be more accurate) writing gig for the Association of Philippine Medical Colleges- Student Network (APMC-SN) book launch.

Went through unforgettable misadventures before kicking off the finals season.

What a seemingly odd rollercoaster it has been for the past three months. I can’t really categorize them as ‘extraordinary’, but they sure change the game from this day forward. It’s an uncanny mixture of having to break your back to reach your goal without losing grip on the tiny things that shimmer your personality. At the same time, you have step up your game and just wing it.

So here’s to the three remaining final exams waiting to be conquered. Here’s to the last stretch (or week) of academic life. Here’s to batch Syncytia who will continue beating as one. Here’s to the extracurricular, personal, womanly, spontaneous, alcohol-induced, time-killing, whatsoever compulsions you had to do for yourself. And here’s to keeping your sanity intact through all that.

Nothing worthwhile ever comes easy, they say. And I agree to that hands down. But they didn’t say it should always be that difficult, did they?


Laughs. Loves. And Before I Resume.

* tinay *

So who said I was a full-time student?;)

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No. Not this week.

My friend Leanne was coming over to Cebu for such short a time and I was beyond ecstatic to finally see her after sooooo long!!! I couldn’t say no! It was also timely that I had a good amount of leeway ‘til the next exam courtesy of the long holiday. So yes, it was big fat GO!!!

And when someone from far far away decides to finally come for a visit, it was an obligatory get-together. This time, it was dinner + sleepover! So after pulling a stint at school *wink* , I packed my overnighter with sleep clothes, school uniform for the following day, school paraphernalia, a set of day clothes, and another outfit for an event I attended the night after. Whew!

Then off we went for dinner! 😀

After dropping by at a local party place, we finally got to the hotel.

The morning after.

Lunch time! Eleni wasn’t able to come due to pressing situations, so why not come to her instead?

It was great seeing everyone!  Reason enough for me to go out of my way and set aside my student-mode. Cue me on the next? 🙂

Laughs. Loves. And Living on an Overnighter.

* tinay *